Prepare the room for cockroach and bed bug treatment:

  • Treatment takes from 30 minutes
  • If possible, move furniture away from the wall for 30 to 40 centimeters
  • Damp mopping of the floors of dust and debris
  • Dry any water stains in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen
  • In the bathroom, put away personal hygiene products in a bag (toothbrushes, towels)
  • Put food in the fridge
  • Cover children’s toys
  • Put the animal bowls and trays away in bags, cover the aquarium and turn off the filter.

Under no circumstances should you do that!

  • Clean, put away, take out tableware, books, etc. As you may evacuate the cockroaches for the duration of the cuticle treatment and then bring them back into the room.

After treatment:

  • clean the floor and other surfaces and then discard any dead insects;
  • vacuum the floor, upholstered furniture, skirting boards and carpets;
  • if your clothes have been treated during the disinfestation, they should then be washed thoroughly at a high temperature of approximately 60+ degrees Celsius. Remember to remove the tulle and curtains, bedspreads and bed linen, and wash it all.
  • wipe the hand contact areas – worktops, door handles, hand-level moldings, consoles and the like – with a mild alkaline solution, ensure you wear your hand gloves!
  • only clean the floors where you walk. Do not clean walls, skirting boards, radiators, hard-to-reach places for 3 weeks
  • after treatment, ensure that the flat is ventilated for at least two hours.

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