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EURODEZ is more than 15 years of experience in the field of disinfection services and a large staff of professional experts throughout the Republic.


Founder of EURODEZ LLC Babaev Komoliddin Dadazhanovich
Numerous advanced training courses, specialist in infectious diseases, epidemiology, as well as in the field of deratization, disinfection and disinfestation.

OUR OBJECTIVE is not only to save the premises and people living or working in it from harmful parasites, but also to prevent their reappearance. The preventive component of our work has an important role in dangerous diseases prevention, which, as common knowledge, are easier to prevent than to treat. We work on a turnkey basis: we have our own cleaning service, performing specialized professional cleaning after the fact, completing an important treatment process. We pay great attention to quality, and therefore we are trusted by serious companies in Uzbekistan.

Deratization, disinfection and disinfestation are anti-epidemic measures and are part of medical science. Not a single premise, whether it is a chic restaurant, an elite sanatorium, a production workshop or a private house, is immune from the sudden parasites “occupation” in it. We work with dangerous pests of various types – from pathogens of infectious diseases and toxins to insect being infections vectors and rodents. Procedures aimed at extermination or prevention must be performed with special protection measures by professionals, trained experts. Our disinfection clinic is staffed by epidemiologists and infectious disease experts, nurses and disinfection experts with specialized education and additional training – a special course that I give them before they start their work at the facility.

WE WORK with large government, commercial facilities and the private sector. Each of our clients is important and deserves a serious responsible attitude. And it is impossible in other way – after all, it concerns the health and even life of a person. We use the latest technologies and equipment, high-quality and safe disinfectants, and work in accordance with strict European standards. And in our business it is impossible to achieve great success, guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the results of work without deep knowledge, experience, development of own potential and deep immersion in medical science.

EURODEZ LLC is a professional disinfection company in Uzbekistan, practicing an integrated approach to pests and parasites extermination at any objects for exterminatory or preventive purposes. The company sanitary facility provides deratization, disinfection and disinfestation services in compliance with all regulatory documents. The license issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan gives the company the right to work with individuals and legal entities, including private, state, budgetary organizations and public catering enterprises. Modern equipment and certified disinfectants, highly qualified employees guarantee the solution of sanitary problems and a quick, effective and safe result at an affordable price. Parasites extermination and prevention is performed by means safe for humans, approved for use by special services.

EURODEZ has been working in the areas of disinfestation, deratization, disinfection, fumigation for more than 15 years. The accumulated experience and precise knowledge of special technologies allow us to guarantee the complete extermination of rodents and insects in the safest and most effective way. We provide services to both individuals and legal entities, guaranteeing an impeccable result even in complex cases that require a non-standard approach!

Our company was founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded people. In developing the overall concept of the enterprise, we set ourselves two goals: to make our city clean and to become a leader in the market of professional specialized disinfection services.

We are the only ones in Uzbekistan who use the latest technologies, such as the treatment of objects with cold fog generators, hot fog is the only right choice for fighting insects and pathogens, viruses indoors and outdoors. These technologies are the most effective and safe at present.

In addition to providing pest and infection control services, we also sell professional insect control products. The products we offer differ from ordinary household chemicals, guaranteeing a 100% result in the destruction of all pests. Our products are created using the latest technology in the field of pest control and are absolutely harmless to people and pets.



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without days-off

We work throughout Uzbekistan all year round, without breaks and days-off


Professionals with 12 years of experience work on a full-time basis

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The team arrives at the site and performs work at the time specified by the client

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Conclusion and work under a formal contract

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The use of only safe products and the provide a guarantee for the work done


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