Why do bed bugs keep biting after treatment?

Why do bed bugs keep biting after treatment? ⠀
The review pages of the extermination services are full of unsatisfactory feedback from their customers. By ordering disinfestation of an apartment or a house, the customer expects instant effect, and when he or she does not get it, becomes irritated and lavishes reproaches on the “incompetent professionals”. Yes, during professional extermination of bed bugs, certified and reliable products are used, but how long after the treatment are the bed bugs dead?

If you try to learn in detail about the life history and biological nature of this insect species, you can find the answer to the question of why bed bugs keep biting after treatment.

☞ Each female can lay up to 20 eggs at one time and 250 to 500 eggs over her lifetime.
☞ The development of the insect in the egg lasts three to four days, after which the nymphs emerge, which take three weeks to become adults.

How do I know if I have been bitten by bed bugs?
?There are a number of features specific to these insects. Namely:
? The most obvious sign of a bed bug bite is when the red marks form a line. At night, the bed bug bites the surface of the skin in several places as it moves. Thereby checking where the softest places are.
?A bed bug bite is more painful than a mosquito bite. The itching spot is larger and redder than that of a mosquito.
? In some cases, not often, the arm or leg (fingers and toes) may become slightly cramped when waking up.
? There small blood stains are found on the bedclothes. They may occur when you roll over in your sleep, at which time the insect feed on blood. You squeeze it between you and the mattress and the bloodsucker’s abdomen bursts.
? You may find unusual black dots, or clusters of them on the bed, in wallpaper joints, in sockets, on the back of pictures and picture frames. These are obvious signs of bed bug activity.

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